PrimEvolve Crown (People)
PrimEvolve Crown (People)
PrimEvolve Crown (People)
PrimEvolve Crown (People)
PrimEvolve Crown (People)
PrimEvolve Crown (People)

PrimEvolve Crown (People)

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Whether you're a king, queen, or themporer,  we have the perfect headwear to adorn your head. Lightweight, reversible and can hold its shape after being folded in your bag, our PrimEvolve Crowns are for the one's the holidays loves, you!


Product Details:

  • Available in 22.5" and Custom Size. 
  • At checkout, please note either the circumference of your head or your preferred size (see below).
    • Interested in taking a measurement but need some help? Check out our YouTube video for a tutorial!
  • Size Chart:
    X-Small (21'')
    Small (22'')
    Medium Small (23'') - Runner Up
    Medium Large (24'') - Most Common
    Large (25'') - Runner Up
    X-Large (26'')

*Please note that these items are made in small batches and prints online may vary slightly with products received. Please let us know if you have any questions! 

If you don’t see an item available in a textile that speaks to your heart, or in a size you are seeking, DM us on ig (@MysticChili) or shoot us an email (!



Happiness blooms from within. Move, shift, and evolve from the stagnant winter with Equinox. Buzzing will transform any look with vibrant multicolored flowers.  Evolve with our soft agate inspired delicate textile. Primrose grants you to see the shine of silver and pastel pink in various items.  Flourish with the freshest styles to embrace the Spring’s sunshine.

This collection will include 3 fresh textiles:

  • Buzzing (Multicolored Flowers)
  • Evolve (Pastel Blue Agate)
  • Primrose (Silver and Pink Flowers)