cotton candy skies

Dance the night away in the first ever collaboration of Mystic Chili & Telepakik Creations with the Cotton Candy Skies Collection! This collaborative effort combines two creative festival fashion forces that have been grooving at festivals since 2012. During our design meetings, we drew on our 10 years of festivaling and rave experiences to identify apparel solutions the community is seeking, and are thrilled to unite on a shared vision of contributing to the beauty, love and magical vibes of the festival experience!

Cotton Candy Skies items are available across websites of Mystic Chili & Telepakik Creations. Here's a breakdown of where you'll find each item in the collection:

  • Cotton Candy Skies items available at Mystic Chili: Ears, Garters, Mini Multi Purpose Bag, and Scrunchie. 

  • Cotton Candy Skies items available at Telepakik Creations: Top, Skirt, and Sleeves.