The fractal energy source guides you to your authentic self shines through in kaleidoscopic colors, in Prism. Prism is a collaborative effort between @mysticchili and that encourages you to be you. We are so proud that you are your most authentic self and hopefully our collab can echo that. Prism empowers radiating your most radically true self. We’ve sourced the most iconic, fluffy rainbow tipped white fur for this one! Whether you’re a king, queen, themperor or royalty, you’ll find that special adornment piece in Prism.
🌟Be an icon; wear the look🌸

Prism items are available across websites of Mystic Chili & Plurtato Store. Here’s a breakdown of where you’ll find each item in the collection:

Prism items available at Mystic Chili: ✨Bandanas (Pets and People), ✨Ears, ✨Fan Holsters, ✨Headband with Ears, and ✨Srcunchies

Prism items available at Plurtato Store:
💜PLUR Puffs & Cute Puffs💖