Disco Curiosity Multi Purpose Bag (Pet)
Disco Curiosity Multi Purpose Bag (Pet)

Disco Curiosity Multi Purpose Bag (Pet)

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Our Multi Purpose Bags, FKA PPE Bags, are here! For easy access to your PPE (personal protective equipment) items, such as your mask and hand sanitizer, we gotchu! This new design is similar our Poop Bag Dispensers, but optimized for a wider range of smaller items. No more fumbling inside of bags, trying to find your mask or hand sanitizer, while taking everything out just to realize you left it at home.  Your pooch has a Poop Bag Dispenser Bag and you can match them with your very own! 

Bonus: it can perfectly fit a water bottle and serve as a water bottle holster! Hang it on your belt and prepare yourself for a constant stream of starry eyed admirers!


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 6” x 4”
  • Drawstring cinch opening
  • Loop with a snap to attach to backpacks, fanny packs, purses, etc.
  • Capacity: Approx. 1 double sided mask, a 1.69fl hand sanitizer, with a lil' room to spare for whatevers!

*Please note that these items are made in small batches and prints online may vary slightly with products received. Please let us know if you have any questions! 


About the Faux Fur:

Cream - This long, silky cream faux fur is perfect for the trance babes who live life whimsically.

Lavender - This was definitely made for Daisy Lane pics! This long and luscious fur is iconic. 

Pastel Rainbow- This short, tri colored faux fur is a mixture of blue, pink, and purple!



For the ones who groove from dusk ‘til dawn, to those enamored with the gleaming of technicolor lights, to those who recharge during the day to repeat the festivities at night: embrace ꒯꒐ꇙꉔꄲ ꉔ꒤ꋪ꒐ꄲꇙ꒐꓄ꌦ.

This buttery soft and nearly wrinkle proof textile is the perfect summer accessory that you (and your pet) need. The pastel swirls with an iridescent oil slick make it the must have for dusk until dawn. Our iconic Bunny Ears and OG Ears are back and will come in 3 different faux furs: Cream, Lavender, and Pastel Rainbow. Whatever your pastel heart desires, embrace ꒯꒐ꇙꉔꄲ ꉔ꒤ꋪ꒐ꄲꇙ꒐꓄ꌦ.