Sphinx Magic Crown (Human)
Sphinx Magic Crown (Human)
Sphinx Magic Crown (Human)
Sphinx Magic Crown (Human)
Sphinx Magic Crown (Human)

Sphinx Magic Crown (Human)

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With the Vivid Magic collection, you and your pet will step into a world of wonder. After all, what’s better than matching your pet?

You are magic, straight up. Your pet and people adore you, why not show off a little bit? With our lightweight, reversible crowns, you can instantly become the ruler of your domain! Our crowns are specially crafted to maintain their shape, so rest assured you can toss it in your bag carefree, knowing it will be just as flossy on the other side of your journey!


Product Details:

  • All Sphinx Magic Crowns are custom made/made to order.
  • At checkout, please note either the circumference of your head or your preferred size (see below).
    • Interested in taking a measurement but need some help? Check out our YouTube video for a tutorial!
  • Size Chart:
    X-Small (21'')
    Small (22'')
    Medium Small (23'') - Runner Up
    Medium Large (24'') - Most Common
    Large (25'') - Runner Up
    X-Large (26'')

*Please note that this item is made by hand, and accordingly, the print on the item received may vary slightly from the item pictured. If you have any questions, please let us know! 


About the Textile:

The Sphinx textile is inspired by the Sphinx Principle, which is an illusion using two mirrors at a 90 degree angle, enabling to hide items from the audience's eye sight.


About the Collection:

Magic is an illusion of astonishment, bewilderment, and curiosity. Some say that when you grow up, these elements are forgotten in everyday life. Mystic Chili is here to emphasize that this is not the case; daily life holds so much magic!

Vivid Magic is here to inspire the everyday astonishment, whether it be our reversible, lightweight crowns fit for a magical kingdom, to our shapeshifting vests that transform into pillows. With our collection, we hope to inspire you to embrace bewilderment, get curious and always, ALWAYS stay magical!

This collection includes 5 different textiles:

  • Mercury (Blue)
  • Sphinx (Pink)
  • Magic Dust (Limited Edition Holo/Sparkle)
  • Moonbow (Sunset)
  • Svengali (Green/Orange)