Origin Story

As the legends go, Mama Mystic, aka Kawaii Moonshine, aka our co-founder Tash (she/her), first imagineered the name ‘Mystic Chili’ when naming her first pet in early y2k. She will not confirm or deny whether that may have been a Neopet, but what we know for sure is that the name then began a lengthy quiet period, laying dormant for over a decade.

Fast forward to 2019, and you’ll find the year where Mystic Chili came roaring back in a whole new form! Tash & Colin (aka Mystic Mister, aka our other co-founder, he/him), who are both lifelong animal lovers, rescued their forever pup @MoetheSmol. Upon joining our little family, he immediately sparked a passion for human & pet clothing, but we just weren’t finding stuff that fit our style! You know, the type of pet-human matchers that aren’t gross or basic; think less “Karen” and more “Unicorn Vomit”.

In the end, we decided the world needed more unicorn vomit, which sparked our mission: to create exciting, vibrant apparel that help humans and pets alike express their uniqueness, style and inner boho-kawaii. Whether you’re at home or apart, matching your pet is heartwarming, especially in the coolest textiles! We at Mystic Chili are here to empower people and pets to be twinsies, while also focusing on sustainable practices and supporting people and pets in need.