Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)
Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)
Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)
Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)
Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)
Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)
Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)

Blueberry My Treat Crown (Human)

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Whether you're a king, queen, or themporer,  we have the perfect headwear to adorn your head. Lightweight, reversible and can hold its shape after being folded in your bag, our Blueberry My Treat Crowns are for the one's summer loves, you!


Product Details:

  • All Sphinx Magic Crowns are custom made/made to order.
  • At checkout, please note either the circumference of your head or your preferred size (see below).
    • Interested in taking a measurement but need some help? Check out our YouTube video for a tutorial!
  • Size Chart:
    X-Small (21'')
    Small (22'')
    Medium Small (23'') - Runner Up
    Medium Large (24'') - Most Common
    Large (25'') - Runner Up
    X-Large (26'')

*Please note that this item is made by hand, and accordingly, the print on the item received may vary slightly from the item pictured. If you have any questions, please let us know! 


About the Textile:

Blueberries are Moe’s favorite fruit snack. Plain and simple, it’s his treasured gold. What a better way to celebrate our pup’s fave snack than a blue and gold textile being named “Blueberry My Treat”? This luxurious brocade fabric has two beautiful sides and features a gorgeous blue that’s intertwined with metallic gold thread. Treat yourself, and your pet to this posh textile!


About the Collection:

The Dog and Cat Days of Summer collection is inspired by family, inclusivity, and wanting summer to last forever, even if we know that fall is right around the corner. Holographic sunsets, warm bonfires and sparkling rays of sunlight reflecting on the water were our muse, and were the elements with which we made the collection items for humans and pets alike. 

Feel the warm night breeze wash over you as you flow through the Dog (and Cat) Days of Summer, and share your rainbow radiance with the world.

This collection will include 4 different textiles:

  • Blueberry My Treat (Blue & Gold)
  • Dandy Lion (Yellow)
  • Golden Retriever Hour (Golden Sea Dragon)
  • Purrywinkle (Purple with Holographic)