Crown Jewel Scrunchie (People)
Crown Jewel Scrunchie (People)
Crown Jewel Scrunchie (People)

Crown Jewel Scrunchie (People)

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Just dropping another essential you need, the Scrunchie. Our Scrunchies are super stretchy and don’t leave marks on your arms like other ones. Whether you're an avid Scrunchie wearer on your hair or wrist, you’ll definitely want to snag a few before they’re all gone! 


Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 7"
  • Super stretchy
  • Doesn't leave marks on your arms or pull your hair

*Please note that these items are made in small batches and prints online may vary slightly with products received. Please let us know if you have any questions! 

If you don’t see an item available in a textile that speaks to your heart, or in a size you are seeking, DM us on ig (@MysticChili) or shoot us an email (!


About the Textile:

Crown Jewel is our ICONIC Onyx Dreams’ holographic textile. Mystic Chili is all about going after big dreams, so dream on little dreamers, put on an item featuring Crown Jewel and go get your crowns and jewels! We believe in you and are so proud of you!


About the Collection:

Enter the world of Onyx Dreams where nothing is as it seems. You’ve seen black accessories before, but not like this. 

Shine a light on this collection and prepare to be amazed as beautiful colors pierce the veil of darkness and illuminate the world around you! From the radiant rainbows of our holographic Crown Jewel textile to the luminous gleam of our reflective Midnight Flare and Star Fire textiles, this collection is sure to keep spirits warm even as the days grow cold.

This collection features 3 exciting new textiles:

  • Crown Jewel ( holographic )
  • Midnight Flare ( reflective rainbow )
  • Star Fire ( reflective dots )