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Nebula Mantle (Human)
Nebula Mantle (Human)
Nebula Mantle (Human)
Nebula Mantle (Human)

Nebula Mantle (Human)

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In 2016, NASA celebrated Prince with a picture of a purple nebula, which was the main inspiration for the name. The hues of plum and gold shimmer beautifully in the sunlight, and bring the elements of the universe together in celestial harmony for whomever wears the mantle.

You and your pet kin have been called upon to be a part of the Solstice Kingdom.  Mantles were worn by royalty, and now you and your pet can match as Solstice Kingdom Royalty!


  • Shoulder seams: 8.5”
  • Back hem: 11.5”
  • Hood width: 11.5”
  • Hood length: 12”
  • Closure style: Snap

Important Note: If you'd like the Fur Trim, please add both the Mantle & the Sparkly White Fur Trim add-on to your cart.