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Nova Mantle (Pet)
Nova Mantle (Pet)
Nova Mantle (Pet)
Nova Mantle (Pet)

Nova Mantle (Pet)

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Novae are commonly found in the Milky Way, and are especially prevalent near the galactic center of Sagittarius. Akin to a nova in the night sky, which produces a sudden flash of light that lingers on the memory of observers, in our Nova Mantle, your celestial glimmer is sure to catch the eye of the world around you. 

You and your pet kin have been called upon to be a part of the Solstice Kingdom.  Mantles were worn by royalty, and now you and your pet can match as Solstice Kingdom Royalty!


  • Shoulder seams: 6.5”
  • Snap sizes: 1/4”
  • Hood width:6.5”
  • Hood height: 9”
  • Closure style: Snap

Important Note: If you'd like the Fur Trim, please add both the Mantle & the Sparkly White Fur Trim add-on to your cart. Also, if you require a slight size adjustment (up to 2" on any measurement above), leave us a note when checking out and we'll gladly custom tailor one for your furry friend. <3